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The main goal of each business is to be profitable. An online business it’s exactly the same thing than in a traditional market, where the key is to get incomes from sales.

But, we shouldn’t forget that behind sales there are persons. The great value of Desmarkt is that we know how to bring people to your business, and we know how to bring people that will convert in your clients.


Online promotion of your business:

Ranking in Search Engines

Today, almost 100% of internet population start their buy process doing a search of the product or service in the search engines. Because of that is very important to be visible to the users when they start their buying process, it’s compulsory to have an accessible and “findable” site.


Search Engine Optimization: We promote your website’s rankings in the search engines. We work on your website and your content to make it findable on search engines and improve visibility and positions on the most important search engines.

Obviously, these actions don’t have a immediate results , we need some time to get a good position at search engines.


Sponsored rankings at Search Engines: This process don’t requiere optimization on your site since you just pay each time a user clicks on your adtext on search engine. We have a full control of the investment and results of the promotion action with PPC campaigns.

These actions are inmediately online, when the campaign is launched.

Display Banners

We manage the buy of ad spaces on the right publisher’s websites according to your target and business goals. We have expertise in negociating with all kind of web pages, big or small publishers.

Of course, we can also create and design banners for your campaign.

Affiliate Network

If you consider to start working with an Affiliate Network, we can help you managing your relationship with the affiliate network and publishers as well. We can manage and track your sales and traffic to detect any unpolite behavior of your publishers.

Social Network

We have to be where our customer are: our users spend a lot of time sharing their knowledge, problems and experiencies on the social networks. If we want to talk to our clients we need to create comunicacions campaigns aimed to social networks.

Consultancy and Audit

If your are working on all services we offer, we can work together thru our audit system. We can analyze your online marketing spend and detect where can improve it.

If you are looking for results, contact me:

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