Rafa Jimenez

Sales Machine Engineer |聽 SaaS |聽 Growth, Scale Up, Performance 聽| AdTech

I develop automatic sales machines for companies around the world with our proven process:0. Audit of the offer or value proposal.
Why do your customers buy your product/service? If we need, we'll talk with your clients to know it.
1. Generate profitable traffic.
We invest in those channels that generate sales or assist other channels to sell.
2. We cluster the traffic based on Buying Intent
Based on users buying Intent, we'll show them different offers/products/proposals
3. Analysis of Sales
Where we have black holes and where we are highly profitable.
4. We'll make your funnel wider.
Thanks to data, we'll make your sales funnel wider, starting from the bottom of the funnel, then we'll go up.

I work with the highest-performing brands in Europe, creating automatic sales systems based on business data analysis.


  • Web Analyst: Since 1999

  • Digital Marketing: Since 2003

  • Performance Manager: Since 2006

  • Super Affiliate: Since 2008

  • Sales Manager: Since 2015

Nowadays, I'm working on:

Interviews and Podcasts:

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